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Please send me by regular mail copy(ies) of the album "Sarajevo: Histoires Transversales" at a price of 18 Euros (~120 French Francs) per copy.
The delivery cost being 4 Euros per copy, my total cost is Euros.
If I wish to pay in dollars, I can send an International Money Order of the total equivalent in dollars, at the daily conversion rate at time of sending.
I am sending a check in Euros or an International Money Order of the total to "GASP" at the following address:
151 Ave du Pdt. Salvador Allende
93100 Montreuil


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Out of stock? Only 500 copies of the album were printed for the first edition.
Don't worry, there should be enough for everyone. But we never know.
If we receive your order once we are out of stock, what should we do?
Simply cancel the order, tear the check apart and let you know through Email?
Cancel the order, then send you back your check by regular mail at our cost?

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N.B: As soon as we receive your email order, we will put aside the number of copy(ies) you ordered. But an order is considered final only when we receive the payment and after the payment is cleared. In case we are out of stock at time of reception of your order by mail, we reserve the right to cancel your order, and according to the choice you notified in the order form, either destroy or send you back your check. .