Article about GASP on biggest Bosnian daily newspaper Dnevni Avaz

Have a glimpse of GASP, its founder, artists, and the artist's workshop by reading an article published on Sunday, November 11, 2001 in Dnevni Avaz, the biggest Bosnian daily newspaper. The article, written by Indira Catic, describes the project in lenght, gicing also the biography of all the artists. It explains how GASP is a sign of the rennaissance of the Bopsnia strip art. Click here to read the article and see the pictures.

GASP goes on Federal Television

Watch out for a reportage about GASP on BiH Federal Television. To be broadcasted during the week-end of 9-11 November 2001, it will give you a chance to see the team of artists working together on giving the final touch to their 8-page stories, to be published in "Sarajevo Side Stories", the upcoming collective album. Special feature: An interview of Benjamin Herzberg, giving insights on why and how GASP came to life in Sarajevo. Not to be missed!

Save the date for the Openning Exibit

Once "Sarajevo Side Stories" is completed and printed, GASP will organize an opening event, which will include the exhibition of original art by GASP artists, panel discussions, and sale of a special edtion of the album. The event will take place at the New Temple in Sarajevo, which is an old synagogue renovated and transformed into an exhibition hall. The tentative date is December 18, 2001.

GASP goes on the road for its first international event!

GASP will exhibit its project and album at the International Comic Book Fair of Angouleme in France, in January 2002. Angouleme is the biggest professional graphic art event worldwide. Its receives about 500,000 visitors who can visit thematic exhibitions, browse through publishers or collectors booths, or attend conferences. All the major publishing deals of the industry are made in Angouleme.

GASP will have a stand/booth in the international pavilion at the Comic Book Fair and will:
Sell the albums.
Seek international publishers to reprint and distribute the same album or the individual stories within it.
Showcase samples of additional work of GASP artists.
Find publishers and distributors for future work of the artists and represent them vis-a-vis those publishers.
Exhibit the work in the International Artist Exhibition (pending confirmation by Comic Book Fair selection committee).