Feel free to browse through these sites. Some are directly relevant to GASP, and others are just really good sites that we like a lot.

Angouleme 2002
The International Festival of Comic Books in Angouleme, France.

Operating from Slovenia, Stripburger is a very interesting comics fanzine.

Sarajevo Infos
Everything you ever wanted to know about Sarajevo. Even the weather forecast.

Official site of Will Eisner, the comic book giant, leading the field for the last 60 years.

Besides being one of the top French comic book artist, Bilal has help the develpment of comic book art in the Balkans.

A group of independant book shops in France.

GASP preferred book shop in or around Paris in France.

The Office of the High Representative is the international body directing the reconstruction of Bosnia-Herzegovina following the Dayton peace accords in 1995.