GASP's first publication:
The graphic novel "Sarajevo Side Stories"

The 64-pages "Sarajevo Side Stories" album is a collective body of work. Each artist is drawing one complete and independent story of eight pages. The stories relate to each other in that they all take place in Sarajevo or are connected to Sarajevo in the storytelling.

ORDER NOW: The album is now printed and available for purchase. You are welcome to order it online by filling out an order form.


THE TRUTH by Senad Begic
CAST-AWAY by Mirsad Agic
PASSING OVER SARAJEVO by Rokvic and Herzberg
THE COG by Edin Alic


"Sarajevo Side Stories" demonstrates that Sarajevo is a vibrant city, where emotions like love, greed, regret, pleasure, or others are alive but influenced by the aftermath of the war years. The album's aim is also to demonstrate the diversity of the city and its inhabitants, in term of its surroundings, ethnicity, occupation, and culture.

The thematic content has been agreed between GASP and the artists through open dialogue and brainstorming sessions. Artists got a complete, uncensored freedom to express themselves.

The album is now in production, according to the specifications as shown in the picture below.

Aditionally, each artist is drawing a biographical page that will be included after each of the stories.