GASP publishes the work of talented graphic storytelling artists

· Senad Begic
· Edin Alic
· Berin Tuzlic
· Dragan Rokvic
· Amir Idrizovic
· Mirsad Agic

Each of those artists has an individual style, but the team is cohesive, as it has been selected according to the following criteria:

· High quality of the graphic and storytelling art
· No published work outside of the Balkan region
· Potential to be distributed on a large scale through foreign publishers
· Range of styles
· Would like to practice graphic storytelling professionally and live from their work
· Living and working/studying in Sarajevo

Edin Alic



Alic was born in August 1971 in Tešanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Sarajevo in the Painting Department. The quality of his work in the field of comic books and illustrations enables him to work as an illustrator for several Sarajevo newspapers and children's magazines. Being an active citizen of Sarajevo, Alic took part in several exhibitions and some actions and performances in the city. He was for instance one of the organisers of the international video project "Call Me Sarajevo" in March 2001. He also coordinated the 10th Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean in Sarajevo in 2001.


1. Anniversary (2000) (written by Mithat Ajanovic - Ajan), Vecernje Novine Daily, Sarajevo, BiH;
2. Case: Scream (2001) (written by Mithad Ajanovic - Ajan), project to be published in Sweden.
Group exhibition:

1. Comic Book Art Festival (1998), Goteborg, Sweden
2. "To be continue…", (2000), Comic Book Art Exhibition, Andre Malraux French Cultural Centre, Sarajevo, BiH.
3. 1H59 (2000), Angouleme, France


Senad Begic



Senad Begic was born on July 1971 in Banovici, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is trained academic painter. After passing through the High School of Applied Arts in Sarajevo, he successfully graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Sarajevo, Department of Painting, in the class of Professor Nusret Pašic. He is now a postgraduate student at the Academy of Fine Arts of Sarajevo.

He is the technical editor of the "Litva News" Banovici magazine, and the Assistant Director of the Museum of Banovici.

In parallel to his painting work, Begic has for the last four years entered the field of Comic Book art, while also drawing illustrations for several magazines, like Sezam" or "5 Plus", "Palcic". Senad Belic is also a professor at the Saburina Primary School in Sarajevo.


His works were published in numerous Bosnian magazines: " Preporod", "Ljiljan", "Vecernje novine", "Male novine", "Vesela sveska", "Sezam", "5 Plus", "Palcic".


1. During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, exhibited in Bosnia /Tuzla and Croatia (three group and one solo exhibition).
2. After the war, during his studies, selected for the "The Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean", which was held in Rome, Italy in 1999.
3. Recent exhibitions were two group exhibitions in Gratz, Austria, and a student work at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo.
4. Participated at the exhibitions of comics in France, Italy, Sweden.

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Amir Idrizovic

Biography: Amir Idizovic was born in Sarajevo on November 6, 1975. He graduated from the High School of Applied Arts of Sarajevo in 1995. His graduation work was a graphic adaptation of the novel "The fort" by Mesa Selimovic. The same year, he entered the Academy of Visual Arts, also in Sarajevo, in the Department of Graphic Design. Aside from his continuing studies, Idrizovic works in the field of commercial and educational illustration. His graphic stories where published in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in Slovenia.


1. Gertruda (1993-1996), Fan Magazine, Sarajevo, BiH; series of 1 page stories.
2. Nightmare Perpetuum Mobile (1998), StripBurek, Slovenia; 12 pages.
3. In the rhythm of the news (1994), unpublished.
4. Going out (1994), unpublished.
5. The light (1998), Break 21 Collective Album, Sarajevo, BiH.
6. The death (1998), unpublished.
7. Transport (1998), unpublished.
8. Superman (1998), Noce Magazine, Sarajevo, BiH; 6 pages.
9. Light is like water (1998), silkscreen limited printing, unpublished.
10. The house (2000), Striburger, Slovenia; 24 pages.

Group Exibitions:

1. Break 21 (1998), Ljubljana, Slovenia
2. Salon Mladih (1998), Zagreb, Croatia
3. Izlozba BiH Strip-Autora (1998), Sarajevo, BiH
4. International Exibition of Comic Drawing (1998/99.), Rijeka, Croatia
5. Exibition of Academy of Visual Arts of Sarajevo (1999), Barcelona, Spain
6. Week of Bosnian Comics (1999), Geneve, Switzerland
7. Babel Comic Festival (1999), Athens, Greece
8. 1H59 (2000), Angouleme, France
9. Big (2000), Torino, Italy
10. Evropski Knjizevni Susreti (2000), Sarajevo, BiH

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Dragan Rokvic



Dragan Rokvic was born on November 28, 1969 in Sarajevo. He graduated from the Sarajevo High School of Art at age 20, with a specialty in Comic Book Art. He started working as an illustrator at the Bosnian Academy of Sciences and Arts until the war broke in 1992.

Rockvic second passion is music. After the war, he started working in the National Theatre as a professional Opera singer while he joined a famous Bosnian rock band called "Sikter" as a Bass player and chorus singer. Meanwhile, Rockvic continued his professional activities, drawing comics, cartoons and illustrations for various magazines or institutions.


1. It is hot in the south (1993), ABC Magazine, Sarajevo, BiH; 30 pages.
2. The season without the devil (1994), Fantom Slobode Magazine, Sarajevo, BiH; 30 pages.
3. Hamsun Baedeker (1994), Life Magazine, Sarajevo, BiH; 10 pages.
4. The season (1994), Stripburek, Ljubljana, Slovenia; 30 pages.
5. Oh,no (1996), Fan Magazine, Sarajevo, BiH; 30 pages.
6. Long traveling (1997), Lica, Sarajevo, BiH; 25 pages.
7. Intruder (1998), Album Scca Stripburek, Sarajevo, BiH and Ljubljana, Slovenia; 48 pages.

Various cartoons and animations for Bosnian television, Several multi-episode series and campaigns for Bosnian advertising agencies.

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Berin Tuzlic


Berin Tuzlic was born in Sarajevo in November 1969. He studied industrial drawing engineering in the Rvepevo Aerospace Industrial School of Sarajevo. After four years of war spent in the city, he left the country and went in 1995 to Zagreb to study in the Zagreb School of Cartooning, where he graduated in 1997. He then returned to Sarajevo to work in the cartooning field for the F.I.S.T. TV production studio, while publishing several of his illustrations in Sezam, a magazine for children published in Sarajevo.


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Animation work:

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Mirsdad Agic



Mirsad Agic was born on December 30th 1976. He spent the 1992-95 war in Sarajevo where he finished the Applied Arts School and joined the study of the Graphic Design at the Art Academy in 1995. From the earliest age he displayed interest in drawing, illustration, but mostly comic art, which remained his major preocupation to the present day. A number of his works was published in the local press (Info, Noci, etc). He is currently twenty five years old, and he plans to do at least two more quarter-century anniversaries in his time.


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agic agic
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