GASP! Editions is a small scale publishing house that creator Benjamin Herzberg has been using to promote and publish the works of independent authors, poets, artists and other creators since the 90s. In this project’s infancy, it was used to publish a series of comic books created by a team of young, Bosnian designers and writers about the pernicious relationship the creators held with the war that threatened their home of Sarajevo. As such, a name was settled on to be the face behind such a personal project. Graphic Art Sarajevo Project. GASP! 

With time having passed since the publication and success of these five, eight-page stories being released, GASP! editions is looking to continue in the the spirit of its conception. It will function as a publishing house, focusing on fostering a beneficial relationship with independent creators. Whether they are authors, poets, graphic novelists, artists or something entirely new, they will have a home at GASP! Editions.